Registered Massage Therapy

Jen Norman RMT CSCS Bkin

Where sports rehab meets holistic wellness

Patient Testimonials

Jen is the best RMT I have ever had. She treated me regularly for over a year and her commitment to actually addressing injuries or discomfort using a variety of techniques and treatments makes her uniquely qualified to help any patient. Highly recommend!

~Tony L.

I hardly ever leave reviews but I felt I had to leave one this time because of the legendary massage from Jennifer Norman. Not only was she super kind and understanding when I showed up 15 minutes late, she identified misalignments that I felt but didn’t know I had and made a major impact on my comfort and mobility in 60 minutes. I will 100% be going back regularly.

~Hannah R

I’m pretty sure her hands are magic. Jen has this brilliant way getting right to the root issue of your pain like no other therapist I’ve had. 

Her neck treatments are fantastic and her massage style is so unique. You can tell she puts a lot of thought and detail into her treatments and feel so cared for in the process. 10/10 recommend!

~Jaimie K.

When you come for a treatment, expect a combination of clinical rehabilitation and holistic wellness. Upon arrival, each patient receives a thorough physical assessment and tailored treatment plan while also appreciating the whole person.

Our stress levels and nervous system play a massive role in our ability to recover, so I combine the goal oriented style of sports rehabilitation with a serene environment for you to begin your healing process.

But it doesn’t end on the table, after your treatment, you will receive custom self care stretches and exercises to integrate into your life and get you back to pain free movement.

After graduating from McMaster University with an Honors Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology (BSc Kin,) I became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the intention of working with elite level athletes.

In the fall of 2017, I attended Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy to improve my understanding of injury rehabilitation and clinical assessment. Where I, very quickly, fell in love with the benefits of manual therapy and now combine the two worlds to best serve my clients.

After becoming a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT,) I worked full time for two years at a wonderful clinic in Toronto, Ontario, before moving to Beautiful British Columbia. This clinic had a versatile roster of RMTs and provided a space where I was able to grow as a therapist in my own rite.

As an RMT, I have been described to have a very distinctly effective style of treating. It is acknowledges and targets the source of discomfort but also very relaxing and comforting in nature.

I am very excited to have the opportunity to now run my own business and look forward to connecting with you, do not hesitate if you have any question!

The following protocols are set in place by Jen Norman and updated as of Janaury 2024 to ensure the mitigation of risk with regards to COVID-19 and other infectious conditions, prioritizing the health and safety of both therapists and patients of the clinic. 

1. Daily Screening

  • Patients prior to arrival and during clinic visit:

    • Patients to use self assessment prior to appointment to confirm that they are not experiencing fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell or extreme fatigue. 

    • Should they be experiencing any of the previously mentioned symptoms and/or suspect they are infected with any contagious conditions, they are to inform the therapist and their appointment will be cancelled at no charge.

RMT has the right to cancel the treatment if the patient does not meet the screening criteria during clinic visit.  

There will be leniency with last-minute cancellations to ensure therapist and patient safety.

  • RMT daily screening

    •  RMTs to use self-assessment tool before work and will cancel as well as self-isolate if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

    • RMTs and clinic will not guarantee rebooking of appointments if RMT cancels due to illness.

2. During clinic visit 

  • Clean masks are optional for patient use and available upon request.

  • Therapists will be wearing masks and other protective equipment as necessary. 

  • Therapist may review further screening questions prior to treatment; continuing treatment after risk assessment is at the discretion of your therapist. Therapist maintains right to refuse treatment at any point if risk assessment indicates treatment is unsafe.

  • Although thorough protocols are being implemented to mitigate and reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, Jen Norman is unable to provide a zero-risk environment. As such, patients who consent to treatment assume the risk of becoming infected.

 3. Administrative Tasks

  • Your appointment time includes time used for rebooking. Please respect your therapist’s schedule by arriving for your appointment on time.

  • Increased time between appointments will be used by therapist to clean and sanitize treatment room. Cleaning between each patient will include such procedures as:

    • High touch surfaces: light switches, door knobs, electronic devices, table surfaces, chairs, stools, window coverings, faucets, etc.

    • The treatment table, table levers, headrest, and lotion bottles

    • Table linens, blankets, headrest covers, and pillowcases will all be safely removed after each treatment and placed in designated laundry area

    • Clean linens, blankets, headrest covers, and pillowcases will be used after sanitizing surfaces

    • Linens and towels to be washed with hot water and laundry detergent to sanitize.

4. If therapist contracts COVID-19 or displays symptoms of COVID-19 or any other infectious conditions:

    • Therapist will immediately self-isolate and cancel all massage appointments until test results are returned to negative and fully recovered.

Pricing and Appointment Options:

60 minutes treatment: $120+ GST

90 minute treatment: $180+ GST

K Taping Add On: $10+ GST

Late Arrival Policy;
We accommodate late-comers to the best of our ability for the remaining time allocated to the scheduled appointment, and the full cost of the appointment booked will be charged. We value the quality and timely care provided to you and the patients coming in after you.

What Form of Payment Do You Accept?

Credit, debit and e transfer are all accepted forms of payment.

Cancellation Policy; 

The full rate of the appointment will be charged if an appointment is changed or cancelled without 24-hours notice, exceptions dependent on illness or medical emergency.
Thank you for being considerate of your therapist and other patients if you have a contagious virus or infection.
The RMTs and clinic will not be able to guarantee a re-booking of appointments if the RMT has to cancel due to illness.

What Is Included in the Appointment Time?
Your appointment includes all assessment & evaluation, discussion for valid consent to treatment, patient education, and administration (including the time to do Direct Billing and payments), in addition to the actual ‘hands-on’ time, as per guidelines set by the Medical Services Plan of BC (MSP) and the College of Massage Therapists of BC.


Direct billing to ICBC and personal insurance companies is available, otherwise patients are responsible for the full cost of the visit at the time of their appointment. We will provide you with the receipt of payment and you are welcome to request reimbursement from those providers. Please note that you may not be fully reimbursed for the full cost of your treatment. 

Please inform your RMT at the time of booking that you are currently involved with an insurance claim.

Patients are ultimately responsible for the FULL COST of their booked appointments should their health insurance deny part or all of the payments to their RMT, and also for any late cancellation/missed appointment fees acquired.